GatherUp (formerly GetFiveStars)

Get More Online Reviews and Catch Negative Reviews Before They Appear Online

What is GatherUp? is designed to let a small business or an agency working on their behalf easily implement a customer feedback/review management process based on tried and true best practices.

The product automatically solicits and tracks feedback, prevents bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to the business website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

Who Is Behind GatherUp? was created by Don Campbell, Mike Blumenthal and Thomas Hasch.

After working with hundreds of small businesses we created the review management and customer relationship tool that we always wished we had. GatherUp is a labor of love for us — we're constantly updating and improving it to keep ahead of the curve.

Over the past years, thousands of businesses have put their trust in us. We pride ourselves in personalized support and getting to know our customers.