Yahoo Local Results Now Enhanced By SearchMonkey

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Yahoo SearchMonkey is Yahoo’s open platform for enhancing search results. Its a great way to provide an enhanced search experience, but one of the problems is that users have to install your app in order to see the enhanced results.

At the SearchMonkey launch event in May, many of us asked for some of the more common apps to be turned on by default. I recommended to all my clients to make sure they had a Yahoo Local listing completely filled out, so that if Yahoo did this their business would stand out in the results.

Well Yahoo was listening to its developers, and has turned on these enhanced results by default.

Yahoo Local Enhanced Results

Yahoo Local Enhanced Results

They’ve included the LinkedIn, Yahoo Local and Yelp enhanced results for all user searches by default. This provides enhanced search results for everyone, and provides a better search experience in my opinion.

I think Yahoo has been doing an excellent job of innovating recently, especially since the attempted Microsoft acquisition. Even though I used to work for Microsoft and have many friends there, I think it is better for Yahoo to remain an independent company. The cultures would never mix and in the event of a Microsoft acquisition many of the interesting projects at Yahoo would go away (like SearchMonkey and BOSS.)

If you are a small business owner and haven’t filled out your Yahoo Local profile yet, make sure to do that soon – it will help you stand out from your competition!

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