Customer Driven – Episode #5 – Word-of-Mouth Referrals – The Lifetime Value of a New Customer

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300-2You understand the value of your best customers. But do you have a system in place to ask them for referrals?

Harnessing the ability of your customers to tell others about your business is essential to growth. There is almost nothing as sweet as a good review or referral from a happy customer who knows you well and has a history with you. You may never get your hands on another tool more powerful than that for growing your business.

Now, imagine taking it to the next level. Imagine creating new customers from the referrals of your current customers. These new customers, in turn, bring in newer customers. And on and on it goes. Who needs old-fashioned ad marketing when you can build a customer base this way?

In this podcast, Don will give you an outline of how you can be the type of company that your customers love to refer to their family and friends. Listen to discover how you can save on both time and money while promoting your business.

Getting More Referrals by Nurturing Your Customers

Don Campbell, founder and owner of Expand2Web and GetFiveStars, is a champion of customer-driven marketing. Through his experience and years of research, he has found some of the most effective ways to turn customers into your best spokespeople. Nurturing your customers can be a great method for getting more referrals. It’s not magic. It’s common sense, a little know-how and a little effort.

Don shares how understanding the true value of your customers can put them in a whole different light for you. Grasping this idea not only helps your marketing but it further motivates you to provide exceptional customer service. Don explains some of the ways the ripple effects of outstanding customer service and online reviews can streamline your marketing efforts. In this episode, he discusses the following ideas and more:

  • How online reviews stack up against face-to-face, over the fence referrals.
  • What are some of the most opportune times to ask for a refferal or review?
  • Why taking great care of your current customers may be your most potent marketing tool.
  • How to ask for a review or referral in a classy way. Learn how your customers are “wired” to help you and how you can encourage them to in a natural way.
  • Why an organized system for managing your customer referrals may be the best thing you can add to your business.

About this Podcast

Today, Don shares information about this subject which is so critical to business people in this era of “Yelp” and “Google”. In this chat with host, Kimberly Henrie, Don walks you through the many facets of getting more word-of-mouth referrals from your customers. He shows you what you need to pay attention to as you set up a system that turns customers into even more customers. He shows you how to see reviews from your customers as a valuable asset… perhaps one of your most valuable.

So, grab your favorite drink, push the play button and sit back. Be a part of this exciting discussion that will show you how word-of-mouth recommendations from lifelong customers can lead to getting more referrals.

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