Why Your Website Is Never Completely “Done”

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If you were making a movie upon the launch you would have a big party, invite your friends to come to the Premiere, Entertainment Tonight will be on hand to photograph you looking amazing and standing next to loads of beautiful people.   This is much more dramatic than launching a website, which can be as unceremonious as unchecking the box, discourage search engines from indexing this site ,and pinging a few people to ask them to please go visit your new website.

The people who have the most success with their websites understand that a site is never really done,  getting it live is a huge hurdle, but not the finish line.

One client in particular, Dan Moss, an Elyria Ohio Plumber has embraced this concept and is doing an impressive job of maintaining his SmallBiz themed WordPress website and I want to highlight his strategies and how a mindset of “work in progress” can also help you.

First: Your Site is Never “Done” Because of Technology.  The landscape is continuously evolving.  While you don’t want to follow every trend, you certainly don’t want to miss every trend.  If you jumped on the flash bandwagon, well, I hope by now you have jumped back off.  But on a more reasonable scale, WordPress is evolving, plugins are updated, you want your platforms to be up to date.  Dan understands this and when we recently built his Plumber Website he specifically requested a responsive layout so his site would be easy to navigate for visitors from their desktops, tablets and phones.

Second: Your Site Should NEVER Be “Done” Because of SEO.  You have heard it here before, you have heard it everywhere.

  • Search engines like sites that have content added to them on a regular basis.
  • The more pages, the more opportunities you have for being discovered on long tail keywords.

Dan, the Ohio plumber, set a goal to add a page or two a week to showcase his particular services, once he did those he moved on to geographic pages to focus on all the towns in which he works.  The best part, after Dan did all of those pages, he started a plumbing Blog which he calls The Outhouse.  Writing doesn’t come any easier to Dan than it does to you or me, but he set it as a priority, followed through, and you guessed it, is showing up in more searches and getting more clients as a result of his efforts.

Third: Your Website is Never Done Because Design Trends Change.  You can reasonably Plumber & Boiler Repair | Elyria & Avon Lakeexpect to get a couple of years with your design before you are ready for a change.  But if you still have the aforementioned flash, or if you have loads of shaded boxes while everyone else has migrated to flat design, after a certain point, you just need need to bite the bullet and update.  Think about it, you wouldn’t wear your prom dress from the 80’s to the movie premier would you?

Props to Dan and the success of his SmallBiz themed website.  Don’t feel depressed over your “unfinished” project or let yourself think that poor grammar or broken links are part of the work in progress.  Feel empowered that you can help yourself build your empire!


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Don Campbell April 28, 2014 at 5:25 pm

This is such a great way to look at it Eileen.

I agree – my website is more of an evolution than a project that is completed. Technology, SEO and Design Trends are always changing and we need to keep in the flow with these things.

Thanks for the great article!


Bruce Sullivan April 29, 2014 at 4:09 am

I, like Dan, the example you used, am also a service provider and the advise and points to you make are good focus points for a web site. It is easy to become complacent and hard to change. I have finally come to realize my web sites are a work in progress.


stefan May 6, 2014 at 1:04 am

Well it´s like in real live isn´t it, keep on moving, keep on talking and people will notice you. So thanks for reminding me this works for the online world too.


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