Why BlueHost For WordPress Hosting?

I use and recommend BlueHost for WordPress hosting. Watch the video to see why:

In this short video I’ll show you how to sign up for BlueHost and install WordPress in less than 4 minutes!

Here are a few other reasons to go with BlueHost:

  1. You get a free domain name for life
  2. They provide 24/7 U.S. based customer support, and they really do answer the phone and fix problems fast
  3. You can host multiple domains and websites on your account (up to 100 WordPress sites)
  4. They give you unlimited space and transfer bandwidth
  5. The price is very competitive – $6.95/month
  6. Automated backups of your files AND databases
  7. Tons of other features that other hosting plans at this price point don’t have. (Click here to see the full list.)

Also, BlueHost promises to make any WordPress updates available to you within 24 hours, so you can keep your WordPress installation up to date with the latest security fixes and new features.

Visit BlueHost here for more details.

Why I Use and Recommend BlueHost – The Details…

I use BlueHost for over 30 websites, including my primary blog (this site). They have the best customer service of any hosting provider I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a LOT of them. I’ve used GoDaddy, HostGator, Rackspace, Media Temple, 1and1, WinHost, and several others. BlueHost has blown them all away.

Disclosure: Many of the links from this site to Bluehost are affiliate links, which means if you follow them and ultimately decide to host with Bluehost, I receive a commission. That’s one of the ways I support this site. I don’t make recommendations lightly – I use Bluehost for my sites and believe they offer the best WordPress hosting service available today.

Here are a five reasons I say that:

  1. Service: If you read my blog you know I have a thing about customer service. I’ve never had to wait to talk to customer support on the phone. Anytime I call I get someone quickly. And the support reps know their stuff. That alone is worth the price of admission. And they don’t give me B.S. answers or treat me like I don’t know what I’m doing – they honestly help me get to the bottom of my question or issue and resolve it.
  2. WordPress Friendly: BlueHost has WordPress hosting WIRED. Their one-click installs with SimpleScripts make it super fast to spin up test sites or new blogs quickly. You can install multiple WordPress sites on the same hosting account easily. Other hosting providers I’ve dealt with had permissions issues with the folders in the WordPress structure; none of this with BlueHost. WordPress sites work flawlessly and perform great. (I shaved 2 seconds off the page load time for the last site I moved over from another host to BlueHost.)
  3. Unlimited Domains and Webspace: You can have as many domains as you want associated with one BlueHost account. And you can install 200 databases – that means you could install up to 200 WordPress sites on one hosting account. I’m not recommending you to do that – I’m just saying it’s pretty nice to be able to spin up and take down new sites quickly. They also don’t limit your database space or bandwidth.
  4. Reliability: BlueHost has over 1,000,000 accounts. At the latest WordCamp I met with several of the folks at BlueHost and they showed me how their servers are set up. They have a world-class data center and are built for speed and growth.
  5. Price: You just can’t beat this – $6.95/month is a killer deal. Sure you can save a couple of bucks if you hunt around, but is it worth it? Trust me, I’ve tried and it’s NOT.

So obviously I stand behind them for WordPress hosting services. Whether you get there via our links or some other way, save yourself some time and hassle and just go with Bluehost.

Thanks and best wishes,
Don Campbell
President, Expand2Web