When Kiteboarding and Websites Collide!

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Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

Ok, I must confess I’ve always wanted to live in Australia. Ever since my wife and I visited there for our best vacation ever, I’ve wanted to return.

So I was pretty excited when Andrew Bamford from Cairns Australia joined as an Expand2Web Member and promptly set up a super cool new website for his business using the SmallBiz theme.

Andrew’s business is called KiteBoarding Cairns and, as you may have guessed he provides Kiteboarding lessons in Cairns Australia.

Shortly after signing up as a member, he built this amazing website for his business. He also created a touch-enabled mobile landing page, and a Facebook Page Tab all managed from within WordPress and the SmallBiz WordPress Theme.

I asked Andrew to share his story of starting the business and building the site so quickly. He graciously provided me with this writeup via email:

Building the site was a reaction to suddenly receiving a permit to operate a kiteboarding business in the Cairns region. Teaching kiteboarding in that area has bee the sole domain of one company over the last 10 years. I have been keen to set up a kite school in Cairns for some time

So… Once I received the permit I thought “I really need to get my name out there for the coming season.” I knew I needed to build a website. Actually, I had a domain name and a bit of a website shell connected to WordPress.com that I set up a year before. So I started to build on that.

Then I realized you could’t do much with the .com version so I bought a webhost, installed WordPress and started to build a website based on the default Twenty Eleven theme that comes with WordPress. I started to get real bogged down creating child themes and tweaking PHP and CSS to get something decent.

Then I saw your SmallBiz theme and watched one of your videos on how you can build a professional website in next to no time. So I thought, why not? I bought the package.

I had something pretty respectable up and running in a few hours; the things that took most of the time were:

  • Tweaking my own designs
  • Trying different layouts
  • Loading and changing images
  • Learning SEO
  • Linking social stuff together

Once you get your head around it you can knock something up in no time. Realize that if this is new to you and you want to do it yourself, building the website with the SmallBiz Theme will be easy. All the tools are there and in WordPress.

All the support is there with the great team at Expand2Web… Not only that, there is a thriving community of like minded people out there trying to do the same thing and have done the hard graft already in a lot of cases. Tap into them, share knowledge, and dont be scared to ask for advice.

Thanks Andrew! I appreciate your willingness to share your story and your new website with my readers. I’m anxious to hear how your new business does and if I’m ever in Cairns Australia again I’ll stop by for some Kite Surfing lessons!

If you’re looking to build a web presence for your business like Andrew, including a Website, Blog, Facebook and Mobile, check out the Expand2Web Experts Group and join us.

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Kitesurfing April 24, 2012 at 3:17 am

Wordpress rocks and the smallbiz theme is awesome! I run several wordpress sites and I have smallbiz installed on some of them. A great theme that I honestly can recommend to other wordpress users. And when it comes down to kitesurfing, that is for sure something I can recommend! Take a lesson if you havn’t, you won’t regret it!


Don Campbell April 24, 2012 at 9:07 am

Thanks Kitesurfing!


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