What’s Changing in Facebook Marketing In 2014?

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3 Tips for Facebook Marketing

Over the next few months, Facebook is changing its advertising and marketing channels to make the site simpler to use. Part of the reason for the change is the increased focus on Facebook Exchange (FBX). In addition, the number of advertising methods on Facebook dazzles many marketers, and the cull should help to simplify the process of placing and monitoring campaigns.

First, let’s look at some of the things Facebook is going to drop.

Sponsored Search vs Graph Search

Back in July, Facebook confirmed that Sponsored Search was going to be discontinued after just one year on the site. The company said that Sponsored Search effectively duplicated the ads on app installer pages and on Pages, but revenue could also have been a factor, since Sponsored Search didn’t cost advertisers as much as some other ad services on the site.

In its place, we’ll see an increased emphasis on Graph Search. Advertisers are keen to leverage the power of the new system, particularly since Graph Search allows them to find out a lot more about customers (and potential customers).

Facebook has yet to reveal the full extent of its plans for Graph Search monetization, but expect an announcement in 2014.

Goodbye Sponsored Stories

Facebook is also killing off Sponsored Stories. They’re the ads that combine genuine Likes from users with brand sponsorship to produce a friend’s endorsement in your News Feed.

Many Facebook users felt that Sponsored Stories were an invasion of their privacy, but Facebook initially refused to let anyone opt out of having their Likes bought and sold. This came to a head in a class action lawsuit that’s estimated to have cost Facebook more than $100 million.

Rather than promoting a brand, the ads only served to annoy its customers and bring digital privacy back into the spotlight. That’s the last thing Facebook wanted to happen, so it’s trashing the scheme entirely.

What Else Is Disappearing?

Questions, the Facebook version of a poll widget, will be removed. Most of us use comments and posts instead, and the Questions feature was quite limited. Facebook is hoping to simplify things by getting rid of the poll feature.

Companies alo cannot post Offers any longer; they’ll have to use regular posts to promote deals.

In total, Facebook is reducing its advertising portfolio from 27 services to 13.

What’s Facebook Adding in 2014?

We’ve already seen Facebook add hashtag support, and that hints at a new type of advertising that could piggyback on hashtag search. But what else is definitely coming?

According to Inside Facebook, the network is trialling two new features: a revamped Suggested Pages and a Get More Likes box. The new Suggested Pages puts the emphasis on images, which is no surprise since the link post has also been updated with images in mind. Get More Likes is a way to encourage advertisers to promote their Page.

How Change Helps Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still trying to figure out the best way to bring money in. It’s dropping the number of advertising products to put more investment into the ones that work, and that should mean it’s easier for marketers to make a decision about which products to use.

Additionally, Facebook wants to make it easier for small businesses to advertise on its network. That means making advertising less confusing, more effective and easier to run, all without a crack team of analytics experts watching every campaign. (That’s why it has a new Facebook for Business site.)

But the biggest change in 2014 will be Graph Search, since it will open up practically every profile to intense scrutiny. Great for marketers – not so great for those who prefer not to appear in search.

Users are advised to shore up their profiles if they don’t want Graph to reveal too much about their preferences. Graph Search has been live in the US for a few months and has just started to roll out in the UK.

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