What is Your Blog’s Purpose: Increase Awareness or Close Sales?

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Small businesses use blogs for a variety of different reasons. They are one of the first true social networks and they are often used by business owners to give their website a bit more personality.

However, as of late blogs have become more strategic as they impact search rankings, social relevance and overall success of a business. However, only businesses that understand fully what their customers are looking for, are able to leverage success with their blog.

Understanding what your website’s audience is looking for is the key to driving more traffic to your site via blog. Are you looking to establish thought leadership with informational articles on niche categories? Or are you looking to entertain your audience with opinion based pieces that are relevant to your industry?

The great thing about a blog is there is no internal structure that guides what to do and what not to do. However, that same freedom has caused many blogs to fail.

Too often I see bloggers writing extremely dry content on blogs that only would pertain to high level executives making purchasing decisions. Are blogs really impacting if a business owner will purchase a product? It’s definitely possible, but you must know the purpose of your company’s blog before even beginning to write.

Increase Awareness

Most blogs are simply created to create awareness in some form or another. They are vessels for thought leadership, entertainment, news and opinions.

Look through Google analytics and try to find out what types of people are frequenting your blog. If they are coming from social aggregation sites, they are most likely looking for “viral” content that will simply entertain them.

Cater to these customers by creating a variety of different elements in your blog; here are a few types of content to add to your blog to increase awareness:

• Top 10 Lists
• Infographics
• Niche category articles
• Viral videos
• News syndications

Although, increasing brand awareness is great. For companies that are really trying to push their blogs to the next level will search for solutions to achieve ROI from their blogs. This is a bit easier said than done but when moving from increasing awareness through, purchasing consideration, your blog will need to work to close sales.

Close Sales

If you already have a blog audience you believe is interested in purchasing your services, you will need to create content that helps “close the sale.” This is often difficult through the blog format, but there are few ways to go about doing this.

First, you must establish yourself as a thought leader in your community, positioning yourself as the point of contact for your readers. Then you must establish trust with them by humanizing and leveling with your reader on terms that will impact the sale.

Here are few types of content that will help you close sales:

• Trend reports
• Featured guides
• Buyer guides
• Case studies
• White papers
• Press releases
• Testimonials

Be sure to keep these formats in mind when writing your next blog. Understanding your audience and where you ideally would like to position your blog within your website is crucial to the success of your business. After you figure out where you can leverage your blog your content should support that decision with each and every post.

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