Getting Stuck On Your Client Website Projects? This Technique Can Help.

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We had another packed online classroom last Thursday. Thank you for joining us everyone. Here is a quick recap for anybody new to Expand2Web. To watch the full recording, plus access to all slides, resources and access to future classes visit:

Do you create websites for your clients?

If so, let me ask you a question – where do your projects usually get stuck?

If you are like most web designers and consultants, you are probably getting stuck waiting for content from your clients.

Every great website needs unique, compelling content on the home page, about page, and a description of the product or service they offer, at the very least.

When you take on a project with a client, they intend to get you this content – what makes them special, why they started their business, how they take care of their customers, etc. But it’s really hard for them to break away from running their business to write all this down.

So you end up waiting. Sometimes the site is delayed for weeks. And sometimes it never gets completed. This process helps you break through that in a way that is easy for your client, and easy for you too. Watch the video to learn how:

Introducing the Jump Start Method


Here are some benefits of using this process:

  1. Faster project completion (get paid faster)
  2. Less stress for your client (and for you)
  3. Better website and content ( = better rankings and conversions)
  4. Better client relationship (referrals)
Website Content Jump Start Method

Website Content Jump Start Method Diagram

Here is a link to the Discovery Questions list I mention in the video.

Let me know how this works for you!

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