Using Social Media Sites to Recruit New Employees

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Recruit Employees Using Social Media

Modern day businesses are living in a digital age where the key to success relies highly on online presence. As a small business owner you’re probably familiar with the marketing benefits that social media profiles can provide for your business. With increased traffic, brand exposure, and arguably better Google rankings, social media is currently the word on every business owner’s lips.

The advantages however, of social profiles for small businesses aren’t restricted to customer marketing purposes. Business social profiles can also help you to recruit new employees more effectively and keep staff turnover to a minimum by sourcing the best candidate for your position.

Small businesses need to grow in order to be as successful as possible; and to grow you’ll need to increase your staff numbers. Many small businesses make the mistake of taking recruiting too lightly as it can be a time consuming process, yet choosing the right employee from a stack of applicants is a crucial decision which could completely change the dynamic of your business.


There are many recruitment aspects of social media just waiting to be taken advantage of. Firstly, there’s the initial concept of free job vacancy advertisements. This can be used in the same way you’d market a new product or service you’re offering via social channels. A simple status update advertising the vacancy should attract adequate attention.

Advertising vacancies on online job boards can be rather expensive, whereas you can post anything on Facebook free of charge – keeping recruiting costs to a minimum. You can include a link to your website where the vacancy is listed so those who are interested are directed to the correct location. In order to use Facebook as an effective job listing tool however, you’ll have to gather a rather large fanbase of relevant people.

Sourcing Employees

You can also use Facebook to scout for talented individuals who you’d like to recruit. You can track students who have just graduated with a relevant degree and are looking for career opportunities, or find someone who’s been laid off and looking for work within your industry. Send them a friend request, and if they accept they will be able to view any status updates you post regarding job vacancies.

Communicating with Applicants

Connecting and communicating with potential employees using a platform that they feel comfortable with is an excellent way to show how much you value your employees. Too many employers make the mistake of interrogating potential employees at the interview and “laying down the law”.

Although letting employees know their boundaries is essential, playing the “big, bad boss” can deter a valuable employee from joining your organisation. If you engage with candidates on a mutual platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, you’re more likely to spark an interest and get insight into the real person behind the “job interview persona”.

You can also use social media to have a personal view on applicants who’ve applied for a role within your company. Very rarely do people show their true colours at an interview and it’s surprising just how good people can be at lying! On Facebook however, people generally tend to be more themselves so you can see what they’re really like. Obviously you’ll want an employee who has a certain level of charisma, but if all their pictures include them naked and passed out on a bed then they may be worth reconsidering.

There are over 750 million Facebook users, so disregarding social media sites within your organisation limits your marketing and recruitment strategies. Using social media as a recruiting tool helps to broaden your horizons when hiring new employees. So create social profiles, gather a fanbase and start sharing!

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