Upcoming Conference: BlueGlassX In Tampa

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Next week I’ll be attending BlueGlassX in Tampa. Here’s why I’m excited about this conference:

  • It’s a small event – only 125 people. I’ve found that you tend to have deeper and more meaningful conversations at smaller conferences.
  • BlueGlass is a thought leader in Content Marketing, which I believe is the future of SEO.
  • The awesome speaker lineup.
  • David Mihm and Michael Dourasch will be presenting about Local and Mobile, which is a focus for Expand2Web.
  • The set up a private Facebook Group for attendees before the event (great idea) and I’ve met some of the other attendees already.

I’ll be sure to bring back some great highlights and learnings to share with you here on the blog. Let me know if there is anything you want me to ask about or watch for at the event.

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