Twitter Unveils Search, Ups Usability & Advertising to the Sky

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New Twitter Features

Active Twitter users who want to heighten social networking just got good news. Twitter just recently announced updated search functions that help users find recent searches, see social context and save searches. It’s the first overhaul to Twitter’s search function in about a year, notes a 2012 Web Pro News article.

The company announced the change in a tweet (naturally):

Search update on See photos & accounts in results + recent searches & social context as you type your query.

— Twitter (@twitter) August 1, 2013

Users can find more searches and followers accurately, as they are shown in the search box. While searching for a particular term, such as “Samsung Galaxy 4,” three sections for Results, People and Photos show at the left of the feed. Offering Twitter search users these categories helps drill down searches in a highly effective manner, Digital Trends highlights.

Twitter Usability

Usability advancements have helped Twitter increase their following, and opened up possibilities for companies maximizing Twitter’s functions to achieve business goals. Take for example, iAcquire, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix and New York. Company employees can share tweets and spread news of digital marketing, SEO and other trends on the iAcquire Twitter stream. Twitter stream is a neat twist for mainstream digital communications tools.

For non-business social networking, Twitter can also serve as a communicative and resourceful tool that families and schools can benefit from. Teachers can use Twitter to communicate with parents in real-time. Updates for classroom initiatives and projects can be announced publicly and easily searched on a Twitter feed. A classroom Twitter feed also engages parents with one another, creating an open forum for discussion and shared ideas.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is also increasing advertising dollars as its empire builds. Social media as an advertising medium in still in its infancy, but Business Insider writes that it’s growing, and fast. A spring 2013 report by BIA/Kelsey estimates that social advertising revenues in US dollars will climb to a gigantic $11 billion by 2017. That’s a massive jump, which will likely be fueled by the comparable growth in sales of mobile devices and use of mobile connectivity.

Initiatives like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets program gives one advertiser a day the opportunity to market its sponsored tweets on Twitter. Because of the exclusivity of being the only advertiser, this program is already notching up to $200,000 for each advertiser, reports Advertising Age. And that advertising money spent can be even more explosive. Twitter has already set up auction-type bids for promoted trends for the 2014 World Cup. Imagine bringing in upwards of $600,000 per advertiser, or triple the current amount.

The sky’s the limit for Twitter, as it continues to drive its presence with users and advertisers around the globe.

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I’m always amazed by the search results I get on Twitter.


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