Testing Your PowerPoint Slides with a Slideshow

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PowerPoint Slideshow

This is Part 5 of a series about how to create marketing videos for your business using Powerpoint slides. Here are the first four installments:

Part 1, How To Design Powerpoint Slides for Videos
Part 2, How To Choose a Topic for Your Marketing Videos.
Part 3, Adding Animation to Powerpoint Slides
Part 4, Choosing Music or Voice Over for Your Powerpoint video

Now that you’ve designed all the slides for your marketing video and added all the animation settings, it’s time to see how all the slides flow together. It’s much easier to test your slides and their timing before you record the video because the editing can be more time consuming after the recording is complete.

First, click the Slide Show tab at the top of your PowerPoint screen. Then click the far left icon that says “From Beginning.” This will start your slide show from the first slide.

PowerPoint Slideshow

PowerPoint Slideshow

In this instance, the term “slide show” is a bit misleading because the slides won’t change by themselves. You will have to press the down arrow on your keyboard to move from slide to slide. However, the animations you added will appear so you can decide if it looks right or if any changes are necessary. To make changes, simply press the Escape button, find the slide you want changed, and click the Animations button to make changes.

If you prefer to not be responsible for manually changing the slide while recording, press the Rehearse Timings link.

PowerPoint Rehearse Timings Feature

PowerPoint Rehearse Timings Feature

Clicking this link will bring up your slideshow to full screen but you’ll notice a timer, usually in the upper left hand corner. You still have to proceed through all the slides manually by pressing the down arrow but this timer tells you how long you spend on each slide.

This timer is handy if you’re trying to keep all the slides onscreen for the same length of time but it also helps to determine if one slide is onscreen significantly longer than the others. If you have this problem, maybe you have too much text on that slide or maybe your animations are too slow. Or it could be a combination of both! Simply escape from the slide show (or wait for it to finish) and go back to the slide to make corrections.

Use Rehearsed Timings PowerPoint Feature

Use Rehearsed Timings PowerPoint Feature

Once you practice with the timings, make sure the “Use with Rehearsed Timings” box is checked off, then click the left icon to start the slide show from the beginning. Now you just sit back and take notes; the slides will advance automatically based on the timings you just set.

If everything meets your approval, then you’re ready to record your video, which is the topic of next week’s installment.

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Darryl Milligan December 23, 2011 at 12:34 pm

Thank you for this series. It is just what I have. Even looking for. Being able to create PowerPoint presentations and then create a video from them.

I look forward to the article on creating the video. Thank you and keep up the great work.


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