Stephen King, Stranger Things, and Typography

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Without question, the show people are discussing this summer is Netflix’s Stranger Things. An entertaining fresh mix of sci-fi and fantasy set in middle America stocked full with all the eighties pop culture references you can handle. They even throw in Winnona Ryder to complete the old school feel.

What is strangest of all is how fascinated many people have become with the show’s opening title sequence – and the font they incorporate into the design. The opening credits are truly an ode to beautiful type and its creative use.

Spending time Googling, and in online typography forums, viewers of the show continue to regularly investigate the mysterious font at a feverish pace (even for Google).

The Duffer Brothers, the creative duo behind the show, recently stated that their title font is a “super important” design element of their show. To achieve the feel for the sequence the brothers sent book covers, the vast majority from Stephen King, to a design studio for the magic.

Pleased with the results, the brothers stated the sequence captured the feel of “being in middle school or high school reading those paperbacks”. Something many of us can relate to, and in doing so identify with the tone of the typography.

Taking the time to consider the tone of your typography is something we studied in detail over the past few weeks as Expand2Web Experts. The Duffer Brothers show us how important those initial considerations are.

See if you think their planning of typographic tone paid off:

The Mystery Revealed

Well it’s not really a mystery, it’s ITC Benguiat and it has been with us since the late seventies. That makes perfect sense when we think back about the tone and what the Duffer Brothers wanted to achieve – a feeling of reading these novels back in high school.

ITC Benguiat is not available from Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, unfortunately. You can purchase it at among other popular outlets for typefaces.

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet it is a blast! For more information visit:


The importance of typographic tone and the role it plays in your successful website designs cannot be overstated. By examining the opening title sequence from “Stranger Things” we can see how having a plan for your typography not only has the power to evoke emotion in your viewers, but also allows you to make even greater art.

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Inspiration source (and extremely enlightening post on tone):
Alice Vincent – Stranger Things: meet the design genius behind TV’s most talked about title font

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