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SmallBiz WordPress Theme

We love to hear about our customers’ success with the SmallBiz Theme. Not only do we hear about how easy it is to install and customize but we also hear about how the built-in SEO features help attract more customers and media attention.

Anne AlexanderAnne Alexander is one such customer who learned first hand the power of SEO and the SmallBiz Theme. On November 5, 2013 Anne was featured in an article at about the 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business From Home. She didn’t have any previous relationship with any of the writers at Entrepreneur and yet they found her through a web search, proving that SEO done correctly can yield great results.

I asked Anne about her experiences with SmallBiz and she kindly obliged. Here’s what she said about her experience with SmallBiz and Entrepreneur:

1. Why did you decide to switch to the SmallBiz Theme?

I wanted a responsive theme that was easy to learn. I think it’s very important now for your website to look good on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, SmallBiz has an integrated mobile page making option, if desired, AND an integrated Facebook page option. These are all awesome features! I had been using Thesis, which I liked, but their latest version, which is responsive, was beyond me and I was going to have to invest time and money that I didn’t want to, to learn how to use it. You don’t have to be a geek to use Small Biz successfully.

2. Have you noticed any changes in your web traffic or other stats after you started using the SmallBiz theme (as compared to your previous website)?

It’s too soon to tell.

3. Can you tell me a little about your business and how/when you got started?

I’ve worked in small business my whole life, as employee or owner. In 2002 I realized the perfect combination of my business expertise and listening and advising skills was as a small business coach. I set up shop as Authentic Alternatives and have been coaching ever since. Although it’s a great move to find a niche, I did not do that because I get bored easily (being entrepreneurial!). I prefer working with a diversity of types of businesses and industries. The core issues are the same and I find the 80/20 rule definitely applies: 80% of the time I am coaching my clients on the same 20% of the problems business owners encounter.

4. Now that you’ve been interviewed with Entrepreneur, what’s on the horizon for you?

Of course it’s great to be interviewed by Entrepreneur. Honestly, I do what I do because I love it and like most small business owners, I don’t have my eyes set on the Inc. 500, but on continuing to make a great living providing a valuable service that I totally enjoy doing.

5. Do you have any last thoughts?

I can’t honestly say SmallBiz has helped me yet and also I am working with an SEO firm again. But I totally recommend SmallBiz as giving small businesses a highly versatile, yet easy to learn theme that can get them a beautiful and powerful website very quickly.

In the hands of a web designer, they can do even more things if they want to get fancy. Many, many small businesses don’t need a graphically fancy website, however; they need a good looking site that effectively markets their business.

While the content – which is critical – is up to you, I think SmallBiz theme provides the platform that most small businesses need. And of course, it is a WordPress theme and WordPress is what you want to be on. Also SmallBiz theme comes with outstanding email support, which to me is another huge plus in its favor. You will always have questions and being able to get answers quickly is fantastic.

Thanks for your feedback, Anne! If you’d like to see first hand how the SmallBiz Theme works, take the demo tour here.

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Bryjames M May 26, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Because it’s simply amazing and worth investing in terms of online advertising your business. It’s also a great theme to use as well. My sister use it on her WordPress business site.


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