Part 6 – The SEO Equation for Long Term Traffic

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Increase SEO Ranking

Howdy, and thanks for following along with this post series on becoming a local search entrepreneur. This series provides the business model and tool set to create websites that attract niche local traffic. The end result is a valuable site that drives visitors from organic search rankings and in return can be used to generate income through advertising sales.

This series began a few weeks ago and below are links to the previous posts. The objective of this post is to discuss a few proven SEO tactics that can be used to help a local oriented website establish a #1 organic position.

For those of you joining now here is a link to all of the posts so far.

Keep in mind that if you have used the Small Biz Theme by and have chosen an exact match domain name this is 50% of your SEO equation and should be close enough for most niche sites to begin receiving some traffic. For those websites that may operate in a more competitive field, subtle SEO additions can help improve traffic. Here are a few ideas.

Obtain Links from Local Directories & Local Websites

The best method to improve rankings is by submitting to local web directories, or local business directories. These can be found by searching Google. For instance, search “Pittsburgh Web Directory” and you will find Bottom-line, getting a link from a website discussing the area, city or state that your site targets will go a long way. Links from any website that are related to your area and niche will be the strongest and most beneficial for an SEO campaign.

Make Sure to Include Your Targeted Keyword Phrase on All Pages

In the instance of I have included my website’s targeted keyword on each page’s title tag, and other high value variations of the keyword like “restaurants in ballston” in the page description tag. Reiterating each of your websites’ high priority phrases in each page’s title tag, description tag and content will play an important role in moving up in Search Engine Rankings.

Make Sure URLs Are Optimized & Unique

In the instance of and I also have customized the URLs of each page (business listing). This process is enabled with SmallBiz Theme from Notice that I am optimizing each restaurant name with “menu” at the end. This is much better than a URL with just numbers, or without the restaurant name. Unique URLs that are keyword rich make an impact in search engine rankings.

Add Landing Pages Targeting Alternative Phrases

For most sites there will be a few high value keywords to target. For example, with restaurant style websites usually the city name followed by “restaurants” is the top performing phrase. Beyond this different combos of phrases are often searched. Such as “restaurants in” followed by the area name.

Creating new pages that target the alternative phrases with an optimized URL, title tag, description tag, and at least 2-3 mentions of that keyword in the content can help push up rankings for these alternative words. Some article topic ideas are summarizing the businesses listed or a FAQ style post about the area and niche.

Long Tail Keywords Will Drive Traffic

From my experience with Southside, about 50% of the traffic to your listing site will usually come from long tail keywords, such someone seeking a specific menu from a restaurant or looking for more information on a business that doesn’t have a website.

The upcoming post will provide sales tips and discuss how local business owners view advertising offers. I’ll provide some insight on the type of materials I recommend for presenting advertising options and how to formulate a solid pitch to a business owner.

Using the SmallBiz Theme for Local Websites

This series shares advice related to all aspects of building local listing websites including sales, choosing a niche and web design. I build my sites on WordPress, and recently switched to the using the SmallBiz Theme for these types of sites because of the speed at which I’m able to launch a quality of site that is supported with help forums, and a platform that is search engine friendly.

Go here to visit my site example for Ballston Restaurants and Ballston Hotels

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I think internal linking is more important in SEO..


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Another great post. Thanks Don for delivering a valuable information about SEO.


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