Mobile Monitoring Applications and Their Impact on Small Businesses

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Mobile Monitoring Applications

Mobile phones can do so much more than just make and receive phone calls. The technological advancements and the sophistication in mobile technology have enabled mobile users to apply these multi-functional benefits to their business.

Even small businesses that equip their employees with lower-priced smartphones can improve their productivity and boost profits. Effective communication between the employer and employee helps in reaching solutions faster by implementing systems and procedures. It also becomes very easy to monitor the employees through mobile monitoring applications.

The installation of the monitoring software is very easy and quite inexpensive, contrary to popular belief. Fear of the software’s high cost is why many small businesses think twice before using such installations.

However, most of the mobile monitoring software like Mobistealth, Mobile Spy, Flexi Spy and Stealthgenie are available for as less as $0.50 per day. This of course is quite an insignificant amount considering the vast benefits that you would derive by installing the mobile monitoring application.

Reduce personal calls: Small businesses are burdened with increasing operating expenditure. A perusal of the books of accounts will reveal that the chunk of the expenditure relates to telephone and internet bills apart from staff salaries and benefits. With the help of the call log feature that is available in the mobile monitoring software, the employer can easily detect the calls which are personal and recover the same from the employee.

Identify dishonest employees: Dishonest employees impede the business growth and even threaten the very survival of small businesses. With the help of the mobile monitoring applications, it is very easy to track them and hand them over to law enforcement agencies.

Identify non-performing employees: Remote access of the monitoring software through a user account enables the employer to weed out delinquent employees. Such employees also contribute to increase in costs due to their related expenditure.

Improve employee performance: Installing the monitoring software with the employee knowledge acts as moral policing and will exhort the employees to improve their performance to enable them to retain their positions.

Boost profits: Monitoring employees on a continuous basis will reduce any unnecessary expenditure and thereby boost profits.

Prevent data theft: Disgruntled employees, to get even with the employer, might compromise on the business secrets to rival firms. This causes great loss financially. By monitoring an employee’s activities on his phone, he can be easily prevented from disclosing such sensitive information.

Monitor employee’s internet activities: Most of the small businesses operate their computers on LAN. With the internet activity monitoring feature, you can easily monitor the internet activity of the employees in various applications in a quick and economical manner.

Installing monitoring applications for both mobile phones and computers is advantageous for any small business. The various security features provided by this application software enables to protect your business from dishonest employees and improve profits at negligible costs.

Getting trusted and efficient personnel is very difficult. With the help of this software, it is easy to identify high performers and reward them suitably to ensure that they maintain their loyalty.

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Lidya Johnson October 23, 2012 at 9:39 pm

The Mobile Monitoring Applications were great and they impact on the small business were great and it was quit interesting …..


The Believer November 6, 2012 at 9:58 am

Not too many companies and businesses have tapped this technology to maximize greater results and higher profit! Great post and very helpful information!


Pete Silva November 9, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Mobile searches and purchases are exponentially rising, that even Google’s direction is towards greater mobile searches development…It is the trend that’s expected to surpass the conventional PC searches. Unless businesses are able to tap this technology, they would be left behind by their competitors.


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