Making Seasonal Changes to Your WordPress Website

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Making Seasonal Changes to Your Site

WordPress is truly the easiest platform for creating your business website. Not only do the themes look professional but you can also make seasonal changes or add blog posts when the writing bug hits you.

Of course, you’ll want to invest in a web designer at the beginning of the design process, just so you don’t waste precious time and so your site truly reflects the business image you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Making Seasonal Changes

Depending on your industry, you may find that making seasonal changes to your website attracts more visitors and paying customers. Gearing your website content to holiday subjects and publicizing those posts on social media will also increase your website traffic.

Since most people shop during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, let’s focus on what you can offer your visitors and customers during that time of year.

  • A holiday discount – offer holiday pricing on individual products in your inventory or offer a percentage discount in the form of a coupon. You can make this offer open to the public or save it for current customers as a thoughtful way of saying Thank You for their business during the past year.
  • Offer a holiday package to your customers – bundle up multiple products or services into one holiday package with special pricing. By bundling the items, you’ll still make more money than selling each item separately but your customers will still see a savings.
  • Add a simple holiday background image to your website – this is especially easy to do with the abundance of professional stock photos galleries. This doesn’t mean starting from scratch with a brand new theme and customization. Simply pay once for a photo with the perfect image and colors and use it as a background or header on your current site.

Here’s a tip – Swiftly will take your logo and customize it for the holidays in 30 minutes for $15. That’s a pretty easy way to add some holiday spirit to your website!

Swiftly holiday logos

We’ve used this service for several small projects and it has been great.

Some Non-Holiday Seasonal Ideas

Here are just a few ideas of promotional tie ins you can try with your business:

  • If you own a swimming pool maintenance company, offer a Getting Started package in the spring for brand new customers to get them on the books. Renew them the following year at the full price.
  • Landscapers can offer a discount for a fall yard cleanup for current customers. Or include the price of the fall cleanup in your summer yard care pricing.
  • Maybe there’s a way to tie in the Back To School season for your products.
  • One internet marketer ran an Ice Cream Sundae sale on her products in the middle of July. Multiple products were bundled up with a $97 price tag.
  • A popular blogger changes her blog header background every month to reflect the colors of the season or that month’s holiday

Truly, you’re only limited by your creativity. Just remember not to give away the farm. People will react favorably to a 15% or 20% discount; after all, you’re still in business to make money.

Today’s Lessons & Action Steps

  1. Use a calendar to plan your holiday or seasonal promotions for the year.
  2. Search stock photo sites such as Deposit Photos for holiday or seasonal images.
  3. Hire a graphic artist to add titles or to resize the images so they work on your site.

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