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Recently I was talking to a friend of mine, Mary Bowling, about a new project that she is working on with her friend Carrie Hill. I’ve known Mary several years and she’s one of the top local search experts I know, and a really great person on top of that. (Mary is a LocalU faculty member too.)

Introducing Ignitor Digital

Ignitor DigitalThe new project she’s working on with Carrie is called – Ignitor Digital – a new type of digital agency that is filling a need for SMBs (small & medium business owners).

Most agencies don’t take on the guys with tiny budgets. They’d rather have big contracts. Those companies that do solicit them are usually offshore, inexperienced and/or only offer one service that a business may or may not need.

The small business owner get calls and emails every day trying to sell them Internet marketing services and they have no idea who to believe or who to trust. Ignitor Digital strives to be the company that they can can trust to provide high value services.

Mary said “We know the little guys need to start seeing some ROI pretty quickly or they may not make it, so we are trying to help them with that at a cost they can afford.”

Then she said that they are using our SmallBiz WordPress theme to set up the websites for their clients. This was music to my ears!

She introduced me to Carrie, and here’s what Carrie had to say about using the SmallBiz theme.

On Using the SmallBiz Theme

SmallBiz WordPress Theme Options Panel

Right off the bat, I knew the Expand2Web SmallBiz Theme was going to be great not only for my own website, but for our small business customers that crave simplicity and ease-of-use. I’m what can only be defined as a WordPress “dabbler” and I know just enough to break things.

SmallBiz Theme let me set up an entire website without really knowing much at all about code. The built-in SEO features were great for a beginner, and very easy to understand. The widgets allow a WordPress novice to design a website with content-rich sidebars and a focus on conversion.

The email-based support system and the user guide are also a huge bonus. Crowd sourcing help for hiccups you have in the process from folks who know the SmallBiz theme intimately saves a ton of time! Overall, I highly recommend the Expand2Web SmallBiz theme to anyone looking for a fairly simple, easy to design WordPress website.

Carrie Hill
Co-Founder, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Strategist

Thank you Carrie – that means a lot to us here. We put our hearts into this theme and are constantly improving it based on real-world feedback from both business owners and agencies who use it for their clients.

If you need help with your digital marketing…

When helping small business owners, Mary and Carrie use the principles they talk about at LocalU:

we try to quickly zero in on the low hanging fruit – things that can be done to have the most impact quickly. For some it’s writing titles and tags for their top pages, for others, who may not have a website or have only a page on a chain or franchise website, we may recommend specific social media tactics or email marketing or even AdWords Express. We believe that because of our experience, we can efficiently figure out what their best opportunities are, perform a few tasks for them that they may not know how to do themselves and give them tasks, and the resources to accomplish those tasks, when needed.

Ignitor Digital works with agencies as well – so if you need help building websites for your clients they can help you there too.

I wish Mary and Carrie all the best in their new venture – it is certainly an area where small business owners need a LOT of help!

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