How to Rank On the First Page of Google for Local Search Terms Without Owning a Domain or Having Citations or Having an Actual Business!

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Maybe we all have been too hard on the Yellow Pages. I think it might be time to nab one of those bulky books that have been collecting dust in my building’s mail room.

I need SNL’s Seth Meyer to deliver the content of this post under the weekend update segment REALLY!

Let’s start with the search query on Google, “Boston Personal Injury Attorney.” Highly competitive, top sites have good relevance, lots of links. Hmmm, I bet it’s hard to get on the first page for this term. Not Anymore.

Also it’s important to mention I’m searching from an Arlington VA IP, logged out of Google and using a downtown Boston zip 02114 for my location. Here is a screen shot of my results as of Sunday the 18th. Scroll down and take a look at result F.


REALLY! – Domain is Open

REALLY! – No Citations

Citation query – intext:”185 Devonshire Street, Boston, MA 02110-1407″ intext:”288-8214″

Google Place Pages Still Working Out the Stink

I’ve been working on behalf of a client who is having a terrible time with Google Places. They had 13 + listing for their business automatically created. Their address is confusing and for several of these listings the place marker is off by 10+ miles. Reporting a problem through Google Maps was a waste of time.

I even made it clear to Google which listings we needed removed and which listing we are using as the master. We did this twice and waited a month. We are constantly trying to claim listings, get PINS, but new dups keep coming like a clone army. Trying to keep track of 12+ duplicate listings, or edits has me running in circles. Its ridiculous.

A Profitable Solution for Google

My belief is that Google needs to setup a process / call center to help with these issues. A simple solution is to setup a troubleshooting call center and charge $100 or whatever to have a real person sit on phone with someone like me to resolve the problems on behalf of a client.

My client would pay this 6x over. Perhaps, David Mihm’s advice to call into the Adwords Express team for help is better, at least that is my next step. Google Place page team you can reach me at

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Nyagoslav December 18, 2011 at 1:52 pm

That’s two really “cute” cases you cover. The algorithm is definitely not perfect and I am also a great attacker of the business names and/or domain names being as important ranking factors as they currently are. Talking about duplicates, I wrote an article covering some basic strategies for dealing with Google Places duplicates. It was posted about 2 weeks ago on Search Engine People. There are ways and just reporting the problem would definitely not be enough.


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