How Small Businesses Can Use Google Plus

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Google Plus for Small BusinessesGoogle Plus, or Google+ or just G+, is all the buzz on the web these days, even though it’s still in the relatively early stages of development.

As a small business owner, it’s important to understand what Google Plus is and what you can do with it. Start formulating some strategies for using Google Plus now so that you’ll be one of the first small businesses to get on board when Google officially allows for business accounts to be created in Winter 2011.

Use the +1 Feature

The new +1 feature can be inserted into your blog or webpage as of right now. It will look somewhat similar to the Facebook “Like” feature, but it might have a different impact in the near future. There are many speculations that the +1 feature will be a new way to do SEO that’s personalized for particular users. This means that when a user likes your page in this way, they’ll get more customized SEO rankings according to both Google’s existing algorithm and the personality they add into that algorithm.

This feature should go into your blogs and webpages as soon as possible, since it may give your business a jump start when Google starts using it to rank SEO.

Start Connecting in a New Way

While Google Plus is similar to Facebook in that it’s about social networking, it has some unique features that set it apart. For instance, you can divide your contacts into “circles”. Your circles allow you to delineate which information you show to which people. This means that even though you can’t set up a business Google Plus page yet, you should set up a personal page and start connecting with people and being a part of the online conversation. You can always divide some of your contacts into circles surrounding your business and others into circles for your personal life.

Most businesses that have Google Plus pages up right now aren’t using them as marketing tools. Instead, they’re just being sociable and getting to know their customers. This could be quite helpful in getting new contacts in Google Plus when you do finally get your business page up this winter.

Get Prepared

Many Google Plus features are still really a mystery to bloggers, users, and future users. However, every small business should get prepared to use the full features of Google Plus by having key employees start personal pages just so they can get used to the many features of Google Plus. So far, it’s been an easy-to-navigate social networking site that is going to end up having a lot of power behind it. Google seems to be putting all its eggs into this basket, and it will probably slowly transfer other Google features – like Blogger and Picasa – into the Google Plus concept.

If your business doesn’t have one already, now is a good time to apply for a small business credit card, which can help you take advantage of paid Google Plus features – such as advertising – that may be available in the future. All the features you can access at the moment are free, but a business credit card  that suits your small business is always a good thing to have on hand. When Google Plus starts rolling out new features in the next few months, you might find yourself wishing you had a way to pay for them!

The best thing you can do for your small business right now is to simply keep reading up on the latest Google Plus developments so that when the time comes, you’re ready to leverage it for your business.

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Daniela Baker is a social media advocate helping entrepreneurs evaluate small business credit cards at CreditDonkey. She also contributes to the writing team’s research on social media.

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Daniela Baker is a social media advocate helping entrepreneurs evaluate small business credit cards at CreditDonkey. She also contributes to the writing team's research on social media.

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Suraj @seekably September 6, 2011 at 4:14 am

Very Nice .
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!


Filip September 12, 2011 at 10:18 am

Using google plus in business is very good idea for small business. Thanks for advice!


Lindsay September 26, 2011 at 8:23 am

Thanks for the great post – I am really antsy to see what Google has in store for business pages.


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