Five Simple SEO Tips

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Five Simple SEO Tips

As you go through your work week, and if you’re involved online, you’ve probably received dozens of propositions by SEO (search engine optimization) professionals who guarantee to move you up the search engine rankings if not get you to the top of page 1 on Yahoo.

Some are good, some awful, and the fees for this service vary from a few hundred bucks to thousands per month. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner with minimal funds for specious results, at best, before hiring anyone there are a few steps you can do yourself that are the things that the pros do.

The Name is The Game

Pick your site domain name with care. Every site owner has key phrases that they desire to be discovered on, detailing either content, service, geographical sector, or something else that web visitors might be searching for. If you can, put your keyword in your name. If it’s Mexican travel tours, then is a highly SEO’d domain name. For SEO San Diego, it could be You get it.

This isn’t always feasible for a company. For instance, a consulting enterprise named Smith and Jones Consultants doesn’t lend itself to this, and keywording Smith or Jones may not be especially useful. The domain is fitting in that the business name is included in the title, so never omit that.

What you can do here is have a distinct weblog, another great SEO strategy, on a domain name utilizing key phrases. If Smith and Jones happen to be Six Sigma specialists for suppliers, a blog named and domain-titled (if available) will get great title-driven SEO juice.

Do the Legwork

This is a 3-step technique:

  1. Make a list of the top 10 keywords that summarize your webpage (note I said page not website; each page choice should observe this practice, with the homepage obviously for the whole business). These are 2-3 word key phrases (NEVER just one word) that describe what you do and what the visitor can expect.
  2. Head to the Google Adwords selection tool and enter the list in, one by one. See what comes up. Look for the top 5 alternative catchphrases that get the most monthly searches and have fewer competitors than what you typed as your keywords. If what you began with is listed with them, omit step 3. You have a key phrase to use on your page(s).
  3. Make a business selection on the most effective keyword expression between your first key phrase and the five other phrases by how adequately it portrays your website and subject matter as well as interest in the worldwide web amongst users. You now have your key phrase.

Rinse and repeat

Rinse and repeat.

Personalize Your Anchor Tags

Anchor tags are the terms you utilize in your web page AND on various other websites that point to your website that are hyperlinked to get on or, if linking externally, away from your website. You frequently see this expressed as click here or read more here. These hyperlinks are ignoring a useful SEO possibility.

Alternatively, make the links significant words that are lined up with the destination landing website. If your site is about fantasy baseball, as opposed to typing click here in your copy, say “find out even more about Fantasy Baseball” with those words linked.

Key Phrase Positioning

Create first for your reader and secondarily for search portals, BUT if you select great, relevant and detailed keywords, they ought to be easy to weave into your website copy organically. They could even be alt tags for graphic images, in video clip descriptions, and other add-ins or widgets on the webpage.

A pivotal place for key phrase explanation is in Titles, Headings and Subtitles visible on the page. A second high-SEO place is in the body copy of your first text paragraph. Be careful to use them naturally without repeating them too many times in a synthetic way, unless you would like to be put in search engine prison and maybe banned.

Meta Optimization

It’s incredible how many sites I have seen that have no meta tag information on the websites. Every html page ought to have the following meta information behind the scenes (not particularly evident on your webpage):

  1. Name – Typically found at the top of your page source code, this appears in the top tab on a lot of web browsers after your site is loaded. Make it depictive and keyword rich in 60 key strokes or under.
  2. Description – This is what is shown next to your webpage title in search responses. You have 160 characters to give a persuasive narration and sprinkle in your main keywords. Imagine writing a good Tweet and having 20 characters left over.
  3. Keywords – Comma delimited tags in your source code primarily for search engine food. Don’t put more than 10 key phrases per page or you’ll weaken what your website is about in the opinion of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many in the SEO world advise no more than 3-5.

Many site development platforms like WordPress make including these tags extremely simple for non-web developers using plug-ins such as the All in One SEO pack.

So go on and keep your dollars while taking command of your search engine optimization success. If you do these 5 basic things and put in the sweat equity in exchange for dollars, your webpage will be off to a great SEO start, delivering traffic, leads and sales opportunities that deliver the revenue to spend in the later stage of SEO performance.

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