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Email marketing has been around almost as long as email, and has remained a top choice for marketers ever since. In our previous class Blogging Tips for Folks Who Hate To Blog we learned that content marketing is the future of advertising. Email marketing synergizes perfectly with content marketing, allowing you to leverage the quality content you have already created and share it with the customers that are interested in hearing from you.

Let’s take a look at some predictions for the future of email marketing from an expert on the subject, Chad White.

Chad White is the Research Director for Litmus and the author of the book Email Marketing Rules. Chad has also published thousands of posts and articles covering email marketing.

Chad is uniquely qualified to make predictions about the future of email marketing, and believes that “email marketing will experience a second coming of age during 2016”. Let’s look at his predictions and how these changes will affect us as email marketers.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile:

Prediction 1: “The majority of email opens will occur on mobile devices in 2016.”

What This Means To Us: We must put special focus on optimizing our email marketing to display beautifully on all devices. This will become easier as more email service providers (ESPs) adopt responsive templates for emails.

Mastering the correct subject line length for mobile devices will also become vital to your email open rates and customer engagement.

Prediction 2: “The majority of brands will use responsive design for their marketing emails in 2016.”

What This Means To Us: Brands will be the first to adopt responsive design for email marketing, but small businesses will not be far behind in changing to responsively designed emails. As a freelance marketer, conquering responsively designed email marketing will give you the edge over your competition and bring added value for your customers.

Email Service Providers Will Become More Integrated:

Prediction 3: “Another major ESP will be acquired in 2016 by a software titan.”

What This Means To Us: As more email service providers get purchased by big software companies, you will see better email marketing options integrated into existing software. With countless software solutions available for online marketing, task management solutions, and customer relationship management, email service providers will be purchased by big companies and directly integrated into their products. This should allow for more consolidation of customer data and a more seamless experience for marketers and customer alike.

Chad built on this prediction, and how the big software players may use their newly acquired ESPs.

Prediction 4: “The first brands will offer checkout experiences that are fully contained within emails in 2016.”

What This Means To Us: Many times a checkout process online involves multiple landing pages and confirmation emails. As the technology available through email service providers improves, we will begin to see the entire checkout experience through email. There may be some lag time before small businesses adopt this practice, but being prepared for this new frontier will elevate you above other marketers.


Based on these predictions, it is easy to see why Chad White believes that email marketing is going to have a good year in 2016. Responsive designs, mobile optimization and better integration with other software will lead to a better email marketing experience for both you, and your clients.

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Inspiration source (and well written post on Email Marketing in 2016):
Chad White – Why the Rebirth of Email Is Coming in 2016

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