Customer Driven #7 – What is the Difference Between Getting Reviews and Earning Reviews?

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300-2By listening to this series, you know now how important online reviews are to your customer strategy. Now let’s talk about how to “earn” reviews. In this podcast, we will talk about the difference between getting reviews and earning them.

In business, the question of quantity versus quality comes up a lot. And here it is again. Do you just want a flood of reviews? Or do you want to earn enough quality reviews that speak with a genuine voice to those seeking your products or services? Your prospective customers are not dumb and neither are Google and Yelp. They can smell a fake a mile away; they are looking for something real and informative.

Getting Real with Reviews

Don Campbell has been working with the principles of customer-driven marketing for some time. He has done extensive research on the subject. However, this is more than theory for Don. As founder of Expand2Web and GetFiveStars, he has helped clients apply these principles in the real world. He knows the value of earning genuine reviews from firsthand experience.

Don shares how reviews and word-of-mouth referrals serve as an efficient form of marketing. He shows you how you can also transform your business’s customer service by learning from your customers what they expect from you.

In This Podcast

Don presents ideas and steps that, if applied, will strengthen your marketing and customer service at the same time. The topics include:

  • What the difference between getting good reviews and earning them is. What does it take to get to the mindset of earning reviews rather than just collecting them?
  • Why quantity in not necessarily what you’re looking for with regard to ratings. Find out how many ratings it actually takes for them to be effective for your business
  • Revisit why getting honest reviews are the only way to go and why playing the system never works in the long run – it can actually hurt you.
  • What the ultimate question is that you need to ask your customers as they leave your establishment or website. How one simple question can take the place of a long and complicated surveys and give you all the information you need.

Join host, Kimberly Henrie, as she interviews Don and they explore these ideas designed to help you take your customer-driven marketing and reviews to the next level. Spend a few minutes learning how you can benefit by putting just a little effort into earning great online customer reviews.

Grab that cup of coffee or tea, hit the play button, sit back and enjoy the conversation. You’re going to get reviews anyway. Why not earn the best?

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Don is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He founded Expand2Web and is the publisher of the Expand2Web Blog, and the GetFiveStars Customer Feedback and Reviews service.

Don has written 313 articles on Expand2Web

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