Creating Audience Personas For Your Business Blog

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In one of our recent posts, Blogging Tips For Folks Who Hate To Blog (part 1), we discovered the importance of creating audience personas during the initial stages of creating your master plan for business blogging.

Getting traffic to your blog is great, but it will only elevate your business if the visitor finds information helpful to them. When blogging it is very important to understand your target audience and what content is important to them. We can create audience personas to help us understand our audience better and to create content they find valuable.

What is an Audience Persona?

An audience persona is a profile of your most common customers and prospective customers. Also known as customer persona, the audience persona includes demographic information like income, age and gender. Audience personas can also be more detailed to include information on hobbies, family, and spending patterns.

When we create an Audience Persona it is important not to think of them simply as generic customers. The persona is a fictional customer that shares common problems and characteristics with your actual customers. By creating an fictional customer with real characteristics and problems, you can understand the customer’s wants and needs, how they will act, and why they act that way.

Next we will explore how to create an audience persona.

Step 1: Consider Your Current Customers

The first step in creating an audience persona is understanding who your customers are, and what motivates them. Start by analyzing your current customers and look for any common trends such as age or type of business/industry they are in.

You will often find that you have a few different patterns that can be used to create audience personas. For example, your web design agency may have multiple customers that are under 30 and have bought new websites for their chiropractic practices. While another group of customers may be over 45 and bought both new websites and email marketing packages for their service business (HVAC, Plumbing, Pest Control etc.)

Now that you have identified the trends in your customer list, you can use these segments to develop your audience personas.

Step 2: Flesh Out Your Audience Personas

We have already identified the segments of customers to use for the basis of our audience personas, now we need to add some details that help round out the persona. Select your existing customers that fit into the chosen segments the best and ask them for some additional information. This can be done by creating a survey, interviewing the customer, or through some research online and social media on your customers.

Collect information on their hobbies, passions, family, social media use and online browsing habits. This information provides us insights into the customer that can be used to flesh out our audience personas.

Step 3: Breathe Life into Your Audience Personas

With all of the information and data about our segments collected, we can now create the audience persona and breathe life into them. For each segment, write a detailed profile that incorporates the data you collected. Try to include what motivates them, what content they would find most helpful and relevant, and their wants and needs.

Taking it one step further, give each profile a photo and name. Giving the persona a photo and name will make them more real and distinct in your mind. In our example, we might name our segments Chiropractic Carla and Service Sam. Don’t they already seem more real?


Armed with your audience personas, you are now ready to use them to focus your content marketing strategy. Creating content important to the personas that represent your customers will lead to more traffic, better customer engagement and more business for you or your clients.

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Inspiration source (and well written post on Marketing Personas):
Colin Ryan – 3 Steps to Creating Real Estate Marketing Personas

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