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The Five Minute Website for Small Businesses

June 24, 2011
WordPress SmallBiz Theme for Business Websites

We’re very excited to announce something we’ve been working very hard on for the past several months – the SmallBiz Web Suite v3.7. This version is more than just a WordPress Theme. It is the next evolution of SmallBiz, and provides the ability to create a complete web presence – including a Website, Blog, Facebook […]

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What’s Involved in Having an Article Written

May 25, 2011

Thanks to Google’s recent changes to their algorithm, the need for fresh content has become absolutely necessary for any business wanting to maintain or improve their search engine rankings. Articles for blogs, newsletters, and directories are key components of this fresh content. While most business owners with websites understand this reality, some are at a […]

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Backup and Restore Your Website with BlueHost

April 4, 2011
BlueHost Site Backup & Restore

Those of you who follow my blog know I recommend BlueHost for simple and easy WordPress hosting. WordPress installs and updates are a breeze, you get great U.S. based tech support, and the price is right. Not to mention you can install up to 100 WordPress sites on a single account! And here’s another great […]

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How to Move WordPress to another directory or folder

March 3, 2011
Moving Wordpress

If you installed WordPress in a sub-folder or sub-directory under your domain, and want to move it to the root of the domain, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For example, what if you installed WordPress in: http://www.yourdomain.com/wordpress/ but you want to move it to to top level of the […]

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How to Keep Your WordPress Blog Secure

January 25, 2011
WordPress Security

Last week one of my readers asked a very good question: “Is there anything in particular you recommend to secure a WordPress website? In talking to a tech at my hosting provider, he recommended adding security plugin. Is that something you recommend? Should I worry about security?” WordPress security can be a deep and technical […]

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Creating and Using WordPress Gravatars

November 20, 2010
WordPress Gravatar thumbnail image

When you’re visiting other blogs and you scan down to read the comments, do you notice how each of the comments has a photo associated with it? It might be someone’s smiling face, a business logo, or the anonymous “mystery man” figure. Those are called gravatars, aka Globally Recognized Avatars. Gravatars are an easy way […]

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Moving Your Content from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

November 5, 2010

When you first start blogging you might hesitate to spend money on a self-hosted blog and opt to start your blog on a freebie site, such as WordPress.com. Using the free version of WordPress will allow you to perfect your writing style and also get you into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. […]

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Think About Your Business Image Before Using WordPress.com

November 3, 2010
wordpress logo

You’ve heard us rave about WordPress before in this series, along with the benefits of using WordPress for your business website or blog. But some people aren’t sure whether they should pay for their own hosting to use WordPress.org or use the completely free version at WordPress.com. New business startup expenses can surely tax your […]

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Online WordPress Training – How To Create WordPress Websites

October 8, 2010
Thumbnail image for Online WordPress Training – How To Create WordPress Websites

I‘m excited to announce our second Creating and Customizing Your WordPress Website online training course, starting Thursday October 28. The first one was held in May of this year, and was a huge success. Here are just a few quotes from our students: “Don and the Expand2Web team are, in my opinion, the most credible […]

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WordPress Plugin to Show Your Online Reviews

July 21, 2010
Online Reviews Wordpress Plugin

Have you ever wanted to show off your online reviews on your website? If you are a small business, it’s a best practice for a few reasons: It makes it easy for your customers to leave you an online review It shows potential customers that you are transparent about your reviews and what your customers […]

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