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What’s Changing in Facebook Marketing In 2014?

December 19, 2013

Over the next few months, Facebook is changing its advertising and marketing channels to make the site simpler to use. Part of the reason for the change is the increased focus on Facebook Exchange (FBX). In addition, the number of advertising methods on Facebook dazzles many marketers, and the cull should help to simplify the […]

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Get on Their Good Side: 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Reputation

December 16, 2013

If you are running a company that does not have the reputation you desire, utilizing social media is one effective marketing method that is highly recommended for all businesses today, regardless of the industry you are in. Whether you are running a local shop or if you have launched an online store, putting social media […]

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What’s the Big Deal About Facebook Exchange?

December 5, 2013

Since its IPO, Facebook has been trying out different ways to monetise its service. The latest addition to its advertising service portfolio is Facebook Exchange (FBX), a sophisticated ad network that leverages ad cookies – not profile data. Facebook Exchange has been credited with some pretty impressive results, so it’s natural that people want to […]

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How to Use Facebook to Engage With Your Customers and Not Annoy Them

October 23, 2013

No matter how big the business or the brand, you can bet your bottom dollar that it has a presence on Facebook. The world’s largest social network boasts 1 billion members and a unique opportunity to sell products and services to a massive audience. But as Facebook matures as a network, its users are becoming more savvy, and many […]

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The Downside of Using Facebook for Business (and How To Avoid Common Mistakes)

October 9, 2013

Everybody says brands should be on Facebook—but what about the drawbacks? Do you know what they are? The fact is, if you don’t know about the potential problems you’ll deal with on a social network, you’ll be ill-equipped to respond to them. That’s why making the most out of Facebook activity means understanding both the […]

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5 Secrets Everyone Ought to Know About Social Media

October 1, 2013

Day by day, the internet is buzzing with articles about the dos and don’ts of social media. But many beginners’ guides miss out some of the crucial advanced tips – the insider info that makes social media really effective. According to data published in Forbes, social media usage amongst US adults has increased by 800 […]

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5 Good Reasons for Beginner Bloggers to Use Google+

September 3, 2013

Do you know that Google is the most popular, widely-used, successful search engine around? So, it’s no wonder that so many savvy bloggers are taking advantage of Google+ (G+) for promoting their blogs and blog posts. So, as a beginner, don’t you think it would be wise to follow suit? 5 Google+ Tips for Newbie […]

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Old Meets New: How to Use Promotional Products in Social Media

August 28, 2013

Brands have been using promotional products for ages. In fact, during the election of George Washington, commemorative pins were given out. Yeah, that’s right. The guy with wooden teeth was branding himself long before contemporary marketers were leading focus groups, conducting studies, and spending exuberantly to determine how to best reach the public. Seeing as […]

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Twitter Unveils Search, Ups Usability & Advertising to the Sky

August 12, 2013

Active Twitter users who want to heighten social networking just got good news. Twitter just recently announced updated search functions that help users find recent searches, see social context and save searches. It’s the first overhaul to Twitter’s search function in about a year, notes a 2012 Web Pro News article. The company announced the […]

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Pinterest Releases New Analytics Tools For Businesses

July 19, 2013

Pinterest, the social media scrapbook where users can ‘pin’ images and articles from websites, has announced the release of several new analytics features of interest to eCommerce site owners. Pinterest has established a reputation as an excellent source of traffic and exposure for eCommerce sites. Figures show Pinterest both drives more traffic and has a […]

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