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How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Help Their Local SEO

May 20, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) doesn’t have to be the big scary block that many feel you need to hire a professional agency to manage. When you start up a new company you don’t even have to hire an expensive web designer to create your website and do your SEO for you. There are many templates […]

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Is Your Business Ready For Local And Mobile Search?

January 23, 2013

As more and more “Googlers” take to their phones or tablets to search for the products or services they need, many businesses are finding that they’re being left behind. Local and mobile search are two strategies that are absolutely necessary if businesses want to maintain a competitive edge. With almost 40 percent of Google searches […]

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Google Maps App for iPhone is Here – First Impressions (Video)

December 13, 2012

Earlier this year, when Apple released the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 they kicked Google Maps out as the default mapping app, and replaced it with their own called “Apple Maps”. (See: What iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Means for Small Businesses and Local Search.) But Apple Maps wasn’t up to snuff and was widely […]

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Speaking at Local University New York

September 27, 2012

I’m excited to be speaking at Local University on October 2. Local University is a nationwide seminar series for small business owners put on by GetListed.org. David Mihm, Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, Mike Ramsey, Darren Shaw, Will Scott, Ed Reese, Matt McGee, Aaron Weiche and other top minds in the local search space generously share […]

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What the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Means for Small Businesses and Local Search

September 19, 2012

The next time you walk down the main street in your town or city, notice all those people walking around looking into their smartphones instead of where they are going. Do you know what they are doing? Well yes some are texting or checking emails, but 50%+ are looking for a place to eat or […]

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Can Siri Invent a New Search Engine?

June 22, 2012

You’ve likely already heard of Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant. It can tell you what the meaning of life is, what the weather tomorrow will be like, and what the best pizza shop in your area is. Siri gives you answers without you having to type your questions into a search engine. For example, rather […]

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Five Simple SEO Tips

June 20, 2012

As you go through your work week, and if you’re involved online, you’ve probably received dozens of propositions by SEO (search engine optimization) professionals who guarantee to move you up the search engine rankings if not get you to the top of page 1 on Yahoo. Some are good, some awful, and the fees for […]

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Successful SEO: Taking the Road Less Traveled

June 11, 2012

We spend so much time and energy studying search terms for web presence that sometimes we are blinded by old habits. We sometimes act like a herd animal and just do what everybody else does. We just try to do the same old stuff better than our competitors. But is there an even better way […]

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Local Search Just Got More Social – Google Places Pages Moved to Google+

May 31, 2012

Google made some major changes today that affect local businesses in a big way. Over 80 Million Google Places Pages were just transformed into Google+ pages. The Local SEO community is buzzing about these changes. Here are some articles that do an excellent job describing what has changed, and the impact so far. Google Places […]

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How To Hire a Copywriter – Video Walkthrough

May 10, 2012

The success of your website or blog depends on the content you publish there. Google is looking for unique, original content that your readers engage with by commenting, tweeting, +1’ing and Liking it. When I talk to business owners about their web presence, one of the things I emphasize is the need for a content […]

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