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The “SuperPower” That Is NOT Taught in 90% of Schools…

September 27, 2013

A friend of mine who is in high school asked me – “what is one piece of advice you could give me that would help me in my career the most?” Here is what I told her: Learn to code. (I love this video!) I got interested in computers as a kid when I saw […]

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My Design Inspiration “Swipe File”

June 1, 2012

Earlier this week I started a new mini-project called SwipeLog. It’s a place where I capture design elements that inspire and motivate me. Designers like to surround themselves with design elements and visuals that motivate them. Many keep a swipe file of inspiring things they run across, so they can refer to them for ideas […]

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Local Search Ranking Factors 2011 – The Video

June 3, 2011
Local Search Ranking Factors thumbnail

Each year, David Mihm pulls together a group of local search experts and creates a truly valuable resource – the Local Search Ranking Factors report. This report is a wealth of information on how local search ranking works. Each contributor ranks the various factors based on their real-world experience working with clients. My favorite part […]

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WordPress and Local SEO Training

April 19, 2010
Expand2Web Training and Membership Site

I‘m very excited to finally launch our Membership and Training site. We did a trial run back in November with a few of you and had some great feedback; now we’ve polished everything up and are ready to launch! If you are a blogger, do-it-yourself small business owner or web consultant that works with small […]

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SEO Features in SmallBiz WordPress Theme

February 28, 2010
Thumbnail image for SEO Features in SmallBiz WordPress Theme

Local SEO features are built into the SmallBiz WordPress Theme to provide a solid foundation for great local search results. Watch the video for a short tour: I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses to help them build a successful web presence, and designed this theme based on my experience working with them. We’re continuing […]

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Small Business Website Podcast – New On Expand2Web

August 29, 2009
The Expand2Web small business podcast on iTunes

I‘m pleased to announce my new podcast series for small business owners and consultants – The Expand2Web Podcast – has been accepted in iTunes and is now online! This podcast is designed for business owners and the consultants who help them build their small business websites. Knowledge is power. And each week I’ll be doing […]

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New WordPress Tutorial Series – Using WordPress

April 28, 2009
Using WordPress Tutorial Series - thumbnail image

WordPress is a great platform for your small business website. One of the many reasons to use WordPress for your website is because it makes it easy to update your site and publish fresh new content. Based on requests from many of my clients and readers of this blog, I’m starting a new series of […]

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Improve Your Local Search Results With Video

January 9, 2009

Small Businesses looking to improve their search results usually don’t think of video first. But Google is “blending” videos in with the traditional search results more and more, and this represents a huge area of opportunity. How video helps Forrester did some practical research and testing on this and found that a video has a […]

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Video: How To Install Google Friend Connect On WordPress

December 7, 2008

As a companion to the tutorial on How To Install Google Friend Connect To Your WordPress Blog, I’ve created a short video that walks through the steps of installing Friend Connect on a WordPress Blog. This blog uses the very cool Thesis WordPress Theme, but these steps will work with any Widget enabled theme. This […]

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How To Make WordPress Look Like a Website

November 23, 2008

So you’ve installed WordPress and plan to use it for your small business website. Now what? The first step to making your website look like a website for your business instead of a blog is to create a static front page and configure WordPress to use this as your home page. Normally, when someone visits […]

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