Part 4 – Building The Most User Friendly Local Directory Sites

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Welcome to the fourth post of a seven part series on building websites that target local keywords and create revenue generating opportunity for part-time web entrepreneurs.

So far I have discussed in detail how to identify a niche and setup a business plan to capture local search traffic with the intent to create value and advertising revenue. The next step is to begin building a website that will host the business listing for your niche.

I’ve recently built two websites with the SmallBiz Theme created here at for and These sites are SEO friendly, easy to setup, and accomplish what I need from a design standpoint.

For those of you just joining now here are links to all of the posts so far.

What a Site Platform Needs

The SmallBiz Theme isn’t the only path here but it handles a lot of the heavy lifting involved with creating a website and lowers the technical skills required to build a site. In addition the team has a great deal of support materials like a forum and tons of video tutorials that also make getting a website setup a lot easier.

Whatever platform you use, here is what you’ll need most in a site platform:

  • Easy to Update and Add New Listings
  • Easily Classify Listings Under Multiple Categories
  • Easily Create New Categories
  • Search Engine Friendly Out of the Box
  • Easy to Create Custom Menus
  • Easy Change Header Graphic
  • A Design That Encourages Visitors to Browse More Than One Page
  • Easily Change Out Advertisers & Ad Graphics
  • Allows for Files to Upload Without a FTP Client (upload in backend of website)
  • Minimizes the Need to Learn Any Complex Computer Language (basic HTML only)
  • A Site Platform that Is Mobile Friendly
  • Google Analytics is Easy to Add to Each Page & Tracks Actions
  • A Contact Form for Inquiries About Sales
  • A Site Platform that is Compatible with Facebook Pages
  • Site That is Built With a Content Management Platform

About Jeff

Jeff Howard has delivered SEO results for major consumer oriented websites all the way down to local businesses and writes a column for Search Engine Guide.

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Rick December 12, 2011 at 2:41 pm

I normally enjoy the articles on your Expand2Web blog-however, must take exception to this post. It is a blatant advertisement for the Small Business Theme- all fluff, no substance, starting at the second paragraph.

You normally provide a ton of useful information on your blog-don’t screw it up for us viewers who look to you for solid content and sound advice by having your guest writers turn into product pitchmen for your Small Business Theme. You get enough opportunities in your own posts to pitch your products-if you are going to have a guest writers, permit them the dignity of writing a quality article without turning their submissions into infomercials.


Don Campbell December 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Hi Rick,
Thank you (seriously) for this comment.

I don’t ask my guest posters to promote my theme. In this case, I’ve worked with Jeff on a bunch of projects and he likes the theme and is using it for the project. He was intending to share it as a real-world case study that happens to use the SmallBiz theme.

I hear your feedback and edited the post to make it more useful from a generic perspective. Ultimately I do want my blog to remain as you described it – solid content and sound advice.

So I don’t want you to feel like you are being pitched to – that was honestly not the intent.


Jeff Howard December 13, 2011 at 5:18 am

Hi Rick,

Have you been keeping up on the the greater series I’m delivering?

I’ve been giving away an entire business model that is practical, and sets realistic expectations. So I urge you to scan the web today looking for web entrepreneurs sharing real world advice on how to earn part-time income online through a complete business model.

Second, please examine this… “Whatever platform you use, here is what you’ll need most in a site platform:” Seems like I’m saying there are multiple paths here to take. In fact one of my sites runs on a non-SmallBiz Theme.

The main reason I’m encouraged about the theme is that there is a good deal of support. I think the technical barriers are strong here for a lot of folks who want to supplement there income on a part-time basis, but downloading a free wordpress theme without tutorials might provide too tough.


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