City Stroll: Outlining and Deciding Where to Share – Phase II

October 27, 2016

The Journey Thus Far In this post we continue to explore Mike and Josh’s “city stroll” in Ann Arbor, Michgian. These concepts build upon the techniques we discussed in last week’s class “Getting Local Results – Operation City: Stroll“. This is the second post in our “Getting Local Results” worshop series and will build upon […]

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City Stroll: Initial Local Research – Phase I

October 24, 2016

Josh and Mike recently set out on a “city stroll” using the tools and techniques we discussed in last week’s class “Getting Local Results – Operation: City Stroll” in their home town – Ann Arbor, Michigan. The big idea is to use deep local research to find interesting, historical, even mysterious things about your local […]

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Getting Local Results – Discussion Recap

October 17, 2016

Whether it is your business website, or a website built for a customer, ranking well in local search results is one of the best ways to increase traffic and sales. With Google’s emphasis on localized search results, having a local SEO strategy has never been more important. There are many concepts and strategies to improve […]

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Text and Images 101 – Workshop Recap

October 11, 2016

Combining text and images is one of the most common and powerful design techniques for grabbing someones attention and conveying a message quickly. Free tools such as PicMonkey and Canva make adding text to images very quick and easy. Just adding text to your image will not automatically make your design effective, let alone professional. […]

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Text and Images 101 – Discussion Recap

September 29, 2016

Combining images and typography is one of the most commonly used design concepts. With so many design tools available, adding text to images has become easier than ever. You have all seen countless examples: silly memes on your Facebook timeline, quotes of inspiration on Pintrest. From website hero sliders and banner ads to email marketing […]

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Email Marketing 2016 – Recap

September 19, 2016

There are many paths to take when choosing where to spend your hard earned marketing budget. Email marketing has been a top choice for many years, and the power of email marketing has not diminished. Having an email list full of active, engaged subscribers is a proven way to increase sales and revenue. The Expand2Web […]

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Don’t Ignore Inactive Subscribers on Your Email List

September 13, 2016

Every email marketer is looking for engaged subscribers for their email marketing list. Engaged customers are far more likely to open your emails, read your content, visit your links and hopefully purchase a product or service from you. For the purposes of this post, we consider an engaged or active customer is someone who has […]

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Blogging Tips For Folks Who Hate to Blog – Recap

September 13, 2016

In our previous post Blogging is Hard – Do I Really Need To Do It? we covered why blogging is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your business and website. Blogging can be a daunting task for beginners and experienced freelancers alike, but don’t let that stop you. […]

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Email Marketing Predictions 2016 – Chad White

September 6, 2016

Email marketing has been around almost as long as email, and has remained a top choice for marketers ever since. In our previous class Blogging Tips for Folks Who Hate To Blog we learned that content marketing is the future of advertising. Email marketing synergizes perfectly with content marketing, allowing you to leverage the quality […]

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Blogging Tips For Folks Who Hate To Blog (part 2)

September 1, 2016

Today we continue to explore the exciting and important world of blogging. This post follows what we started in Blogging Tips For Folks Who Hate To Blog (part 1). After establishing your content marketing master plan and immersing yourself in inspirational content, as we learned in part 1, you are ready to begin to evolve […]

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