5 Key Linkbuilding Tactics in 2012

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Link Building Strategy

As the Web develops, so does the complexity of the major search engines and the algorithms they apply to determine essential content in cyberspace. Relevant is the key word here, which means valuable to the searcher and the most likely to match exactly what that person is looking for.

Going into 2012, search engines such as Bing have started to understand that keyword matching is just part of the equation to figure out relevancy, and that the significance and the authority level of the web page is emerging as a larger determinant for search relevancy.

That brings us to your Linkbuilding Approach as a webmaster, business owner, or internet entrepreneur as we commence 2012. These Five (5) Linkbuilding Suggestions net you the backlinks and relevance you will certainly want this year.

Multiple But Relevant Links

All of us want a billion backlinks to our websites, and believe me, with a small amount of funds, you can get them. There are plenty of linkbuilding deals on Fiverr.com and websites like The Hoist that will sell you hundreds of links.

Problem is, Google is looking more than ever on quality which means sites linking to yours should be complimentary, in the same market space in the world, and somehow associated to your material.

Your landing page should in some way be an extension of the concepts put forth on the connecting site. If that website concerns gourmet foods and your page speaks to single parents, that type of link won’t help you much and in reality can damage your Google page rank.

So how do you get them?

  • Talk to site proprietors hoping to exchange hyperlinks to begin with, generally done in a resources page. This is still a sound tactic and has existed for years.
  • Leave blog comments on articles with similar subject matter as yours, especially authority sites (more on this later on).
  • Distribute your articles for publication on news and blog websites that are a good fit for yours.
  • Post applicable links to your website on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The best are links to blog posts or landing pages pertinent to Twitter trends or hash-tag lists and LinkedIn discussion groups.

Similar Neighbors

The realm of web search is going local and is placing more and more focus on local sites. Even if your business is not constricted by where you reside (such as an online SEO website that might work for clients globally), it is more useful than ever before for local businesses to be linking to yours.

Network in your Chamber of Commerce and push link exchange, keeping in mind that the more similar these businesses are to yours (and they’re local), the better off you are. If your SEO establishment is in San Diego, encourage your local links to read “SEO San Diego” in order to make your link relevant to their market and provide you with the local essence.

Authority Sites

There are a couple of major sorts of authority sites in the online world: huge, greatly trafficked, content specific sites (imagine Inc.com, Wall Street Journal), and educational and governmental pages. Search engines are still giving lots of street cred to university.edu pages and .gov sites, especially federal government (who knew).

The principal ways to achieve backlinks from these websites are to deliver valuable, unique material in the means of write-ups or leave responses to pieces currently on these pages. If you’re blessed enough to submit great material and get published on a high-authority site, that is worth its weight in gold to your linkbuilding method.

Don’t waste your time with auto-posting, scraping applications that will certainly post meaningless responses for you. They’ll go up but in most incidents be deleted in the policing of the page. You can explore the internet and find lists of rich PR .edu and .gov pages (sites with PR of 4, 5, 6, 7) that permit forum postings with backlinks. Buyer beware and frequently check the domains applying PR Checker.

Anchor Text Methods

This is one thing you can easily manage utilizing Article Marketing strategies, where you submit material for syndication and publication on high ranking sites. The actual words in your link, termed anchor text, need to be relevant to both the page on the website that is displaying your work, but additionally to the destination website that the hyperlink leads to.

That means that if you are linking “click here” you’re missing half the benefit of the link technique.

So how does this work? Back to the gourmet food page. You publish a write-up on that site about your best ways to employ cooking wine, then within the body of the write-up, you link red wine reduction recipe to, you got it, a webpage that contains exactly that. Give that fella a cigar!

Your Landing Pages

We just explained how your landing pages ought to be associated to the hyperlink. You ought to also be linking to several pages on your blog, commonly termed deep links, and not just your homepage.

This technique should be a natural if your website is composed effectively with a product page for each product and an article for each individual idea you may be linking to. This tells the search engines that your domain is material rich on lots of pages, and that is key to you winning the relevance medal.

Is doing this stuff simple? Nope, but that’s simply the point. You’re doing it the right way, and that practice will reward Linkbuilders in 2012.

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Debbie (thewordwright) May 20, 2012 at 9:18 am

Agreed, Karl. The only thing I could possibly add is that running an on-site blog is useful for building links (and naturally for content freshness purposes) too. It goes without saying that the blog needs to offer good material (like yours).
Thanks for the information! Debbie


Al Remorosa June 27, 2012 at 10:31 am

Thanks for this useful article. Now I know the factors of Multiple But Relevant Links that real work by internet.


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