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Social Media Domination

Are you a social media neophyte ready to enhance your experience and exposure? A social media guru too busy posting and tweeting to take a breath? A business owner looking to maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing plan?

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of social media prowess, these 10 advanced social media tips will help hone your social media skills.

Tip 1: Choose and use the proper social media dashboard

If you’re on one social media platform, you’re likely on another. Be it Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Diggs, all of them, or others, the amount of information coming and going can be overwhelming. So why not consolidate your efforts? Dashboards allow you to manage all of your social media posts, tweets, and messages in one place.

There are numerous dashboards – both free and paid – from which to choose, so do a little research to see which is the best for you. From HootSuite to TweetDeck, businesses and individuals can essentially organize their social media closets, work on social media campaigns together, and stay abreast of all the important social media happenings in one place.

Tip 2: Personalize posts for different social media platforms

Writing one thought or suggestion and then blasting it out to all of your social media outlets – no matter how great a thought – is never a good idea. Even if you aren’t using a dashboard, others are, and filling their accounts with repeated messages could backfire.

You can still share the same quality information, but take the time to rework it for each social media site and audience type. The extra few minutes will be welcomed, and therefore, worth it.

Tip 3: Share more than words to build social media presence

Round out your online social media presence and persona with posts that offer more than words. People like putting a name to a face, so updating your profile picture will draw attention and views. Sharing interesting or thought-provoking photos or videos offers insight into who you are or your company’s message. Added interest also helps your posts stand out from the rest.

If you have any photo editing software, why not add text atop your pictures and resave them as a jpg? What about creating simple messages in a different font and color, and then saving them as photo files for social media uploading? Be creative, not just with your words but your visuals.

Tip 4: Get to know your social media platform’s tips and tricks

Each social media platform warrants its own article on advanced social media tips, so find the ones you care about and do a little investigating. If you’re one of those too-busy types, you are missing out on some valuable information.

Twitter character limits, for example, can become problems when others respond to your 140-character tweets, so try to stay at around 125 to prevent issues. There are many site-specific tips out there; go out and find them.

Tip 5: Keep the social media conversation going

Posting is only half of the conversation. To keep your social media world moving, don’t forget to respond to tweets, posts, and messages. If you never answer, people will begin to think you’re not there, or that you don’t care.

Too much silence, and you drift off into cyberspace. Too much chatter, and you’re pushed from people’s favorites. Find a good balance.

Tip 6: Be a responsible social media user

Image a room full of people all talking at once, and you’ve just pictured an online conversation in real-time. Now image you’re one of those people. If all you have to say is, “I agree, yes, no, or uh-huh,” you might as well leave the room. The same goes for your tweets, posts, and messages.

It’s important to think through your responses. Offer something relevant to keep the conversation moving forward. Your readers and friends will appreciate your respect for their time and pass along your enlightening insights.

Tip 7: Become more socially selective

Remember when you had to choose between fall sports or extracurricular activities? Just because a social media platform exists doesn’t mean you have to be on it. If you’re overwhelmed and unable to keep up, maybe it’s time to rethink your social media involvements.

Not ready to give anything up? Most social media platforms allow advanced capabilities such as sorting messages and posts by hashtags or keywords relevant to your interests. If you’re still overloaded, categorize and organize through a dashboard, as described above. You can still maintain 5,000 of your closest friends, but your social media involvement can be targeted.

Tip 8: Connect with your competition through social media

Unlike Star Trek, there are no online social media enemies that could spell doom to you or your brand. Only you can do that. In truth, connecting and communicating with your competition can help you. When people are looking for information, they typically bounce around to find 1.) Where the information is offered, and 2.) Which information is most useful.

Stay close to the conversation on your desired topics and you will increase your social media exposure. Be a beneficial contributor to the conversation and you become respected by your friends and readers, as well as your peers.

Tip 9: Know when people are listening and talking

There are documented peak times of activity on social media sites. Once you know these, you can determine if you want to be included in the rush of communications or a voice away from the crowds.

Everyone has a different social media strategy, but at least know what you’re up against. Times and days vary greatly by industry and topic, and reports abound. For example, a report by Bit.ly, a service that shortens URLs to more easily share them across social networks, studied Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr traffic to learn Facebook before 4 p.m. is ideal, Twitter is livelier in the afternoon, and Tumblr peaks on Friday afternoon. Keep your eye on the news.

Tip 10: Understand your social media presence

If you care at all about your social media effectiveness, advanced user tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and TweetReach can offer insight into who is coming to your social media site and when. Without having to ask everyone what he or she likes or doesn’t like, you can find out what links are being clicked, what time your site is most active, and many other details about your social media traffic.

Once you know what draws people to your social media sites, you can make better use of your time and energy – ultimately improving the important role you play in social media conversations.

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Walter Weeks November 19, 2012 at 5:36 am

Social media is the best way to capture the attention of thousands if not millions of users. Facebook and Twitter have made it easier for companies to attract interest from users of these sites. A brilliant advertising campaign via the use of social media can attract wide spread attention from users all around the world.

I use tweetdeck to schedule my tweets. Its brilliant for scheduling a range of tweets when you know you are going to be unable to tweet.


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