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Getting Started with Expand2Web

Friend and colleague Darren Shaw from Whitespark put together a nice presentation for the SearchLove Boston Conference. In his presentation Darren provides an approach to get your online review strategy going in 32 minutes: Get the Google+ Review Handout Generator – a Free tool that Darren Shaw and Phil Rozek put together (2 minutes) Sign [...]


Yahoo Local Yelp Reviews

In March, Yahoo announced a deal with Yelp to partner on reviews. We’ve been trying to understand what that would mean to all of the reviews that businesses have built up on Yahoo Local over the past few years. Well it turns out all those reviews are going to be lost. Lost, as in… GONE [...]


Responding to Negative Reviews

I was doing some more research on online reviews last weekend as a follow up to my recent video: Can Negative Reviews Help Your Business? and came across this great article from Andrew Shotland – 5 Tips For Responding To Negative Customer Reviews Online. He’s got this example of a Wedding Photographer who got this [...]


Sawbucks Pub in Surrey, BC

As a business owner, I’ll bet you put a lot of time and effort into your business, and creating a good experience for your customers. But how do you get your customers to come back, and buy from you again? Sawbucks Pub in Surrey, BC had this question on their minds as they planned their [...]



Negative online reviews can be a scary thing for small business owners. People can leave you reviews all over the web, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. But negative reviews are not always as bad as they seem. In fact, there are many cases where you can turn a negative review into [...]


Fellow Local Search geek Andrew Shotland wrote an article in SearchEngineLand to help people choose the right Customer Review Management Service – 10 Questions to Ask Your Customer Review Management Service Vendor In the article, he poses 10 great questions to ask your prospective review management service. Mike Blumenthal and I launched a system to [...]


How are you managing online reviews for your business? This question is top of mind today for business owners, and it is all over the mainstream media. “Someone left me a negative review online, what should I do?” “How do I get more positive online reviews?” “Do online reviews really lead to more customers and [...]


Local University Logo

And Expand2Web is proud to be a sponsor. What is LocalU? Local U is an informative four-hour crash course in the basics of internet marketing — and especially Local Search. It’s largely a beginners’ event that is intended specifically for business owners and is aimed at helping them to thrive online. I’m excited to be [...]


SEO Basics

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seo basics infographic

For any business with an online presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will become a part of your regular business jargon. It’s not enough to throw up a website and hope people find you; there’s just too much competition for that to work. Optimizing your website to obtain the very best search results possible, however, is [...]

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tips for creating surveys

Businesses commission surveys predominantly for two reasons – to build better client relations and to generate marketing results that can be used to develop, improve, or clarify issues about your product offering. And there is little debate that a survey is the best way to fulfill these tasks; it is imperative that the survey is [...]